Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

(CEST time zone)
8:45-9:00, Mo

Introductory words

9:00-10:00, Mo

Plenary Talk: Josep Díaz, Distances and the reconstruction problem on random geometric graphs.


10:00-10:30, Mo


10:30-11:00, MoRainbow cliques in randomly perturbed dense graphs.

Aigner-Horev, Danon, Hefetz, Letzter.
On the homomorphism order of oriented paths and trees.

Hubicka, Nesetril, Oviedo and Serra.
Tuza's Conjecture for threshold graphs.

Bonamy et al.
Independence complexes of ternary graphs.

11:00-11:30, MoThe square of a Hamilton cycle in randomly perturbed graphs.

Böttcher, Parczyk, Sgueglia, Skokan
On a question of Vera T. Sós about size forcing of graphons.

Cooley, Kang, Pikhurko
Graphs without an induced path on 5 vertices and without an induced dart or kite.

Brause, Geißer
Modularity of Johnson graphs.

Derevyanko, Koshele, Raigorodskii.
11:30-12:00, MoHamiltonicity of randomly perturbed graphs.

Espuny Díaz and Girão
Strong modeling limits of graphs with bounded tree-width.

Grzesik, Kráľ and Mohr
Constant congestion brambles in directed graphs.

Masařík, Pilipczuk, Rzążewski and Sorge
Integer covering problems and max-norm Ramsey theorems.

Frankl, Kupavskii, Sagdeev
12:00-12:30, MoOn asymmetric hypergraphs.

Jiang, Nešetřil
The Flat Wall Theorem for Bipartite Graphs with Perfect Matchings.

Giannopoulou and Wiederrecht
Covering three-tori with cubes.

Grigoryan, Zhukovskii and Bogdanov.
12:30-14:00, Mo

Lunch Break

14:00-15:00, Mo

Plenary Talk: Marcin Pillipzuk, The Gyárfás’ path argument and algorithms.


15:00-15:30, Mo


15:30-16:00, MoThe mod k chromatic index of random graphs.

Botler, Colucci, Kohayakawa
Large multipartite subgraphs in H-free graphs.

Hu, Lidicky, Martins, Norin and Volec
Bounds on half graph orders in powers of sparse graphs.

On the dichromatic number of surfaces.

Aboulker, Havet, Knauer, Rambaud
16:00-16:30, MoLoose cores and cycles in random hypergraphs.

Cooley, Kang and Zalla.
Max Cuts in Triangle-free Graphs.

Balogh, Clemen and Lidický.
Strongly Pfaffian Graphs.

Gorsky, Steiner and Wiederrecht.
Robust Connectivity of Graphs on Surfaces.

Bradshaw, Masařík, Novotná and Stacho.
16:30-17:00, MoOn the maximum cut in sparse random hypergraphs.

Shabanov and Zakharov
Extremal density for sparse minors and subdivisions.

Haslegrave, Kim and Liu.
The Maximum Number of Paths of Length Three in a Planar Graph.

Győri, Paulos, Salia, Zamora, Tompkins.
Improved bounds on the cop number of a graph drawn on a surface.

Erde and Lehner.
17:00-17:30, MoThe rainbow Turan number of even cycles.

No Selection Lemma for Empty Triangles.

Fabila-Monroy, Hidalgo-Toscano, Perz and Vogtenhuber.
A Short Proof of Euler–Poincaré Formula.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

(CEST time zone)
9:00-10:00, Tu

Plenary Talk: Julia Bottcher, Packing trees and other graphs.


10:00-10:30, Tu


10:30-11:00, TuAn Approximate Structure Theorem for Small Sumsets.

Campos, Coulson, Serra, Wötzel
Path decompositions of tournaments.

Girão, Granet, Kühn, Lo and Osthus.
Decomposing cubic graphs with cyclic connectivity 5.

Máčajová and Rajník.
Approximate MDS Property of Linear Codes.

11:00-11:30, TuSchur's Theorem for randomly perturbed sets.

Das, Knierim and Morris
Trees with few leaves in tournaments.

Benford and Montgomery
Long shortest cycle covers in cubic graphs.

Macajova and Skoviera.
Hermitian rank-metric codes.

Trombetti and Zullo.
11:30-12:00, TuUncommon systems of equations.

Kamčev, Liebenau and Morrison
Tight bounds for powers of Hamilton cycles in tournaments.

Munhá Correia, Draganić, Sudakov
Counting Circuit Double Covers.

Hušek and Šámal
Parallelisms of PG(3,5) with an automorphism group of order 25.

Topalova and Zhelezova
12:00-12:30, TuA refinement of Cauchy-Schwarz complexity, with applications.

Candela, Gonzalez-Sanchez, Szegedy
Nested cycles with no geometric crossing.

Gil Fernández, Kim, Kim and Liu
Gallai's path decomposition for planar graphs.

Blanché, Bonamy, Bonichon
Lines in the Manhattan plane.

12:30-14:00, Tu

Lunch Break

14:00-15:00, Tu

Plenary Talk: Will Perkins, From algorithms to combinatorics and back again.


15:00-15:30, Tu


15:30-18:00, Tu

European Prize on Combinatorics Ceremony and Lectures from the Awardees

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

(CEST time zone)
9:00-10:00, We

Plenary Talk: David Wood, Universality in minor-closed graph classes.


10:00-10:30, We


10:30-11:00, WeComponent behaviour of random bipartite graphs.

Anh Do, Erde and Kang

Exchange properties of finite set-systems.

Frankl, Pach and Pálvölgyi.
Circular coloring of signed bipartite planar graphs.

Naserasr and Wang.
On tangencies among planar curves with an application to coloring L-shapes.

Ackerman, Keszegh, Pálvölgyi.
11:00-11:30, WeLong induced paths in sparse random graphs.

Glock, Draganić and Krivelevich

On a problem of Füredi and Griggs.

Serra and Vena.
The chromatic number of signed graphs with bounded maximum average degree.

Jacques and Pinlou.
Outer 1-string graphs of girth at least five are 3-colorable.

Das, Mukherjee, Kant Sahoo.
11:30-12:00, WePath decompositions of random directed graphs.

Espuny Díaz, Patel and Stroh

Maximal k-wise \ell-divisible set families are atomic.

Gishboliner, Sudakov and Tomon.
Decomposing and Colouring Locally Out-Transitive Oriented Graphs.

Charbit, Aboulker and Aubian.
Coloring Circle Arrangements: New 4-Chromatic Planar Graphs.

Kwun Chiu et al.
12:00-12:30, WeCycle saturation in random graphs.

Demidovich and Zhukovskii

On Alternation, VC-dimension and k-fold Union of Sets.

Roy and Sarma
On Deeply Critical Oriented Cliques.

Duffy, Pavan, Sandeep and Sen
Interval representation of balanced separators in graphs avoiding a minor.

Dvořák, Pekárek, Samal
12:30-14:00, We

Lunch Break

14:00-14:15, We

Robin Thomas Memorial Session: Introductory words

14:15-15:15, We

Plenary Talk: Sergei Norin, Connectivity, density and coloring in minor-closed graph classes.


15:15-15:45, We

Zdenek Dvorak, Fractional coloring of bounded degree graphs.


15:45-16:15, We

Dan Kral, Common graphs with large chromatic number.


16:15-16:45, We

Luke Postle, Improving the general bound for Hadwiger’s conjecture.


16:45-17:00, We


17:00-17:30, WeWeak components of the directed configuration model.

Coulson and Perarnau

On extremal problems concerning the traces of sets.

Piga and Schülke.
Halin's end degree conjecture.

Geschke, Kurkofka, Melcher and Pitz.
Unit Disk Visibility Graphs.

Agaoglu and Çağırıcı.
17:30-18:00, WeA rainbow connectivity threshold for random graph families.

Bradshaw and Mohar
The intersection spectrum of 3-chromatic intersecting hypergraphs.

Bucic, Glock and Sudakov.
On 13-Crossing-Critical Graphs with Arbitrarily Large Degrees.

Hlineny and Korbela.
Unit disks hypergraphs are three-colorable.

Damásdi and Pálvölgyi
18:00-18:30, WeOriented graphs with lower orientation Ramsey thresholds.

Ferreira Barros et al.
Supersaturation, counting, and randomness inforbidden subposet problems.

Gerbner, Nagy, Patkos, Vizer.
Tight bounds on the expected number of holes in random point sets.

Balko, Scheucher, Valtr.
Discrete Helly-type theorems for pseudohalfplanes.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

(CEST time zone)
9:00-10:00, Th

Plenary Talk: Christian Krattenthaler, Reciprocity between Dyck paths and alternating sequences - heaps, orthogonal polynomials, ...


10:00-10:30, Th


10:30-11:00, ThUniversal singular exponents in catalytic variable equations.

Drmota, Noy, Yu
On ordered Ramsey numbers of tripartite 3-uniform hypergraphs.

Balko and Vizer.
A trivariate dichromatic polynomial for digraphs.

Wiehe and Hochstättler.
Maximising line subgraphs of diameter at most t.

Cambie, Cames, de Joannis de Verclos and Kang.
11:00-11:30, ThOn the enumeration of plane bipolar posets and transversal structures.

Fusy, Narmanli, Schaeffer.
Ramsey expansions of 3-hypertournaments.

Cherlin, Hubička, Konečný and Nešetřil.
Vector Choosability in Bipartite Graphs.

Chawin and Haviv.
Comparison between metric dimension and zero forcing number.

Bousquet, Deschamps, Parreau and Pelayo.
11:30-12:00, ThOn the Number of Compositions of Two Polycubes.

Asinowski et al.
The Ramsey number for 4-uniform tight cycles.

Lo and Pfenninger.
Fractional chromatic number of double cones over graphs.

Zhu and Zhu.
Constructions of betweenness-uniform graphs from trees.

Pokorná and Hartman.
12:00-12:30, ThThe expected number of perfect matchings in cubic planar graphs.

Noy, Requilé, Rué.
On Multicolour Ramsey Numbers and Subset-Colouring of Hypergraphs.

Jartoux, Keller, Smorodinsky, Yuditsky.
On chromatic number of (n, m)-graphs.

Lahiri, Nandi, Taruni and Sen.
New bounds on k-geodetic digraphs and mixed graphs.

Tuite and Erskine
12:30-14:00, Th

Lunch Break

14:00-14:30, ThCounting C_k-free orientations of G(n,p).

Campos, Collares, Mota
Stability of extremal connected hypergraphs avoiding Berge-paths.

Gerbner, Nagy, Patkós, Salia.
Efficient Reconfiguration of Vertex Colouring.

Biedl, Lubiw, Merkel.
Enumerating descents on quasi-Stirling permutations and plane trees.

14:30-15:00, ThOn the maximum number of weakly-rainbow-free edge-colorings.

Hoppen, Lefmann and Nolibos.
Hypergraphs with minimum positive uniform Turan density.

Garbe, Kral and Lamaison.
Kempe changes in bounded treewidth graphs.

Bonamy, Delecroix and Legrand-Duchesne.
Chip-firing on the complete split graph: Motzkin words and tiered parking functions.

15:00-15:30, ThAsymptotics for connected graphs and irreducible tournaments.

Monteil and Nurligareev.
Unavoidable hypergraphs.

Bucić, Draganic, Sudakov and Tran.
2-distance (D+1)-coloring of sparse graphs using the potential method

La, Montassier.
Graphs whose sandpile group has fixed number of generators.

Alfaro, Barrus, Sinkovic and Villagrán.
15:30-16:00, ThRandom 2-cell embeddings of multistars.

Campion Loth et al.
Dirac-type conditions for spanning bounded-degree hypertrees.

Pavez, Sanhueza and Stein.
Coloring of Graphs Avoiding Bicolored Paths of a Fixed Length.

Kırtışoğlu and Özkahya.
Kissing number in non-Euclidean spaces of constant sectional curvature.

Dostert and Kolpakov
16:00-16:30, Th


16:30-17:30, Th

Plenary Talk: Lisa Sauerman, Finding distinct-variable solutions to linear equations in (F_p)^n.


17:30-17:45, Th


17:45-18:30, Th

Business Meeting

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

(CEST time zone)
9:00-10:00, Fr

Plenary Talk: Louis Esperet, Universal graphs and applications.


10:00-10:30, Fr


10:30-11:00, FrCut vertices in random planar graphs.

Kang and Missethan.
Big Ramsey degrees and forbidden cycles.

Balko et al.
Complexity of 3+1/m-coloring P_t-free graphs.

Jacques and Ochem.
Low Diameter Algebraic Graphs.

Bui, Bui, Le and Mai.
11:00-11:30, FrThe Ising antiferromagnetic in the replica symmetric phase.

Fabian and Loick
Gallai-Ramsey number for complete graphs.

Schiermeyer and Magnant.
A simple (2+\epsilon)-approximation algorithm for Split Vertex Deletion.

Drescher, Fiorin, Huynh.
Some results on the Laplacian spectra of token graphs.

Dalfó et al.
11:30-12:00, FrSemi-random process without replacement.

Gilboa and Hefetz
On off-diagonal ordered Ramsey numbers of nested matchings.

Balko and Poljak.
Classification of Local Problems on Paths.

Grebík, Rozhoň.
Size of local finite field Kakeya sets.

12:00-12:30, FrLocal convergence of random planar graphs.

Big Ramsey degrees of the generic partial order.

Balko et al.
A SAT attack on higher dimensional Erdös-Szekeres numbers.

Characterization of FS-double Squares Ending with Two Distinct Squares.

Patawar and Kapoor.
12:30-14:00, Fr

Lunch Break

14:00-14:30, FrThe game of Toucher and Isolator.

Dowden, Kang, Mikalački and Stojaković
Degree conditions for tight Hamilton cycles.

Lang and Sanhueza Matamala.
On Bipartite Sum Basic Equilibria.

Àlvarez and Messegué
14:30-15:00, FrMaker-Breaker games with constraints.

Forcan and Mikalački
Cycles of Many Lengths in Hamiltonian Graphs.

Gishboliner, Bucic and Sudakov.
Preimages under Queuesort

Cioni, Ferrari.
15:00-15:30, FrResults on the Graceful Game and Range-Relaxed Graceful Game.

Oliveira, Dantas and Luiz.
Powers of Hamilton cycles of high discrepancy are unavoidable.

Graphs where Search Methods are Indistinguishable.

Krnc and Pivač.
15:30-16:00, FrWaiter-Client Games on Randomly Perturbed Graphs.

Clemens, Hamann, Mogge, Parczyk.
On sufficient conditions for Hamiltonicity.

Lang and Sanhueza Matamala.
Sorting by shuffling methods and a queue.

16:00-16:30, Fr


16:30-17:30, Fr

Plenary Talk: Eva Tardos, Stability and Learning in Strategic Queueing Systems.


17:30-17:45, Fr

Closing Words