6-10 September 2021 – Barcelona (Online)

List of accepted Papers

Pierre Aboulker, Frédéric Havet, Kolja Knauer and Clément Rambaud. On the dichromatic number of surfaces. 
Eyal Ackerman, Balázs Keszegh and Dömötör Pálvölgyi. On tangencies among planar curves with an application to coloring L-shapes. 
Deniz Agaoglu and Onur Çağırıcı. Unit Disk Visibility Graphs. 
Elad Aigner-Horev, Oran Danon, Dan Hefetz and Shoham Letzter. Rainbow cliques in randomly perturbed dense graphs. 
Carlos Alejandro Alfaro, Michael D. Barrus, John Sinkovic and Ralihe R. Villagrán. The characterization of graphs whose sandpile group has fixed number of generators
Carme Àlvarez and Arnau Messegué. On Bipartite Sum Basic Equilibria. 
Andrei Asinowski, Gill Barequet, Gil Ben-Shachar, Martha Osegueda and Günter Rote. On the Number of Compositions of Two Polycubes. 
Martin Balko and Mate Vizer. On ordered numbers of tripartite 3-uniform .
Martin Balko and Marian Poljak. On off-diagonal ordered Ramsey numbers of nested matchings. 
Martin Balko, Manfred Scheucher and Pavel Valtr. Tight bounds on the expected number of holes in random point sets. 
Martin Balko, David Chodounský, Jan Hubička, Matěj Konečný, Jaroslav Nešetřil and Lluis Vena. Big Ramsey degrees and forbidden cycles. 
Martin Balko, David Chodounský, Natasha Dobrinen, Jan Hubička, Matěj Konečný, Lluis Vena and Andy Zucker. Big Ramsey degrees of the generic partial order. 
József Balogh, Felix Christian Clemen and Bernard Lidický. Max Cuts in Triangle-free Graphs. 
Alistair Benford and Richard Montgomery. Trees with few leaves in tournaments. 
Therese Biedl, Anna Lubiw and Owen Merkel. Building a larger class of graphs for efficient reconfiguration of vertex colouring. 
Alexandre Blanché, Marthe Bonamy and Nicolas Bonichon. Gallai's path decomposition for planar graphs. 
Marthe Bonamy, Vincent Delecroix and Clément Legrand-Duchesne. Kempe changes in bounded treewidth graphs. 
Marthe Bonamy, Łukasz Bożyk, Andrzej Grzesik, Meike Hatzel, Tomáš Masařík, Jana Novotná and Karolina Okrasa. Tuza's Conjecture for threshold graphs. 
Fábio Botler, Lucas Colucci and Yoshiharu Kohayakawa. The mod $k$ chromatic index of random graphs. 
Julia Böttcher, Olaf Parczyk, Amedeo Sgueglia and Jozef Skokan. The square of a Hamilton cycle in randomly perturbed graphs. 
Nicolas Bousquet, Quentin Deschamps, Aline Parreau and Ignacio M Pelayo. On the cycle rank conjecture about metric dimension and zero forcing number in graphs. 
Domagoj Bradač. Powers of Hamilton cycles of high discrepancy are unavoidable. 
Peter Bradshaw and Bojan Mohar. A rainbow connectivity threshold for random graph families. 
Peter Bradshaw, Tomáš Masařík, Jana Novotná and Ladislav Stacho. Robust Connectivity of Graphs on Surfaces. 
Christoph Brause and Maximilian Geißer. On graphs without an induced path on 5 vertices and without an induced dart or kite. 
Matija Bucic, Stefan Glock and Benny Sudakov. The intersection spectrum of 3-chromatic intersecting hypergraphs. 
Matija Bucić, Nemanja Draganic, Benny Sudakov and Tuan Tran. Unavoidable hypergraphs. 
Xuan Hai Bui, Xuan Binh Minh Bui, Van Chua Le and Hoang Bien Mai. Low Diameter Algebraic Graphs. 
Stijn Cambie, Wouter Cames van Batenburg, Remi de Joannis de Verclos and Ross Kang. Maximising line subgraphs of diameter at most $t$. 
Marcelo Campos, Matthew Coulson, Oriol Serra and Maximilian Wötzel. An Approximate Structure Theorem for Small Sumsets. 
Marcelo Campos, Maurício Collares and Guilherme Mota. Counting $C_k$-free orientations of $G(n,p)$. 
Pablo Candela, Diego Gonzalez-Sanchez and Balazs Szegedy. A refinement of Cauchy-Schwarz complexity, with applications (extended abstract). 
Pierre Charbit, Pierre Aboulker and Guillaume Aubian. Decomposing and Colouring Locally Out-Transitive Oriented Graphs. 
Dror Chawin and Ishay Haviv. Vector Choosability in Bipartite Graphs. 
Gregory Cherlin, Jan Hubička, Matěj Konečný and Jaroslav Nešetřil. Ramsey expansions of 3-hypertournaments. 
Man Kwun Chiu, Stefan Felsner, Manfred Scheucher, Felix Schröder, Raphael Steiner and Birgit Vogtenhuber. Coloring Circle Arrangements: New 4-Chromatic Planar Graphs. 
Lapo Cioni and Luca Ferrari. Characterization and enumeration of preimages under the Queuesort algorithm. 
Dennis Clemens, Fabian Hamann, Yannick Mogge and Olaf Parczyk. Waiter-Client Games on Randomly Perturbed Graphs. 
Oliver Cooley, Mihyun Kang and Julian Zalla. Loose cores and cycles in random hypergraphs.
Oliver Cooley, Mihyun Kang and Oleg Pikhurko. On a question of Vera T. Sós about size forcing of graphons.
David Munhá Correia, Nemanja Draganić and Benjamin Sudakov. Tight bounds for powers of Hamilton cycles in tournaments. 
Matthew Coulson and Guillem Perarnau. Weak components of the directed conguration model. 
Cristina Dalfó, Frank Duque, Ruy Fabila-Monroy, Miquel Àngel Fiol, Clemens Huemer, Ana Laura Trujillo-Negrete and Francisco J. Zaragoza Martínez. Some results on the Laplacian spectra of token graphs	
Gábor Damásdi and Dömötör Pálvölgyi. Unit disks hypergraphs are three-colorable. 
Shagnik Das, Charlotte Knierim and Patrick Morris. Schur's Theorem for randomly perturbed sets. 
Sandip Das, Joydeep Mukherjee and Uma Kant Sahoo. Outer 1-string graphs of girth at least five are 3-colorable. 
Yury Demidovich and Maksim Zhukovskii. Cycle saturation in random graphs. 
Nikita Derevyanko, Mikhail Koshelev and Andrei Raigorodskii. New bounds on the modularity of Johnson graphs and random subgraphs of Johnson graphs. 
Stoyan Dimitrov. Sorting by shuffling methods and a queue. 
Tuan Anh Do, Joshua Erde and Mihyun Kang. Component behaviour of random bipartite graphs. 
Maria Dostert and Alexander Kolpakov. Kissing number in non-Euclidean spaces of constant sectional curvature. 
Chris Dowden, Mihyun Kang, Mirjana Mikalački and Miloš Stojaković. The game of Toucher and Isolator. 
Matthew Drescher, Samuel Fiorini and Tony Huynh. A simple (2+\epsilon)-approximation algorithm for Split Vertex Deletion. 
Michael Drmota, Marc Noy and Guan-Ru Yu. Universal singular exponents in catalytic variable equations. 
Christopher Duffy, Pavan P D, Sandeep R B and Sagnik Sen. On Deeply Critical Oriented Cliques. 
Mark Dukes. Chip-firing on the complete split graph: Motzkin words and tiered parking functions. 
Zdeněk Dvořák, Jakub Pekárek and Robert Samal. Interval representation of balanced separators in graphs avoiding a minor. 
Sergi Elizalde. Enumerating descents on quasi-Stirling permutations and plane trees. 
Joshua Erde and Florian Lehner. Improved bounds on the cop number of a graph drawn on a surface. 
Alberto Espuny Díaz and António Girão. Hamiltonicity of randomly perturbed graphs. 
Alberto Espuny Díaz, Viresh Patel and Fabian Stroh. Path decompositions of random directed graphs. 
Christian Fabian and Philipp Loick. The Ising antiferromagnet in the replica symmetric phase. 
Ruy Fabila-Monroy, Carlos Hidalgo-Toscano, Daniel Perz and Birgit Vogtenhuber. No Selection Lemma for Empty Triangles. 
Gabriel Ferreira Barros, Bruno Pasqualotto Cavalar, Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, Guilherme Mota and Tássio Naia. Oriented graphs with lower orientation Ramsey thresholds. 
Jovana Forcan and Mirjana Mikalački. Maker--Breaker games with constraints. 
Nóra Frankl, Andrei Kupavskii and Arsenii Sagdeev. Integer covering problems and max-norm Ramsey theorems. 
Peter Frankl, János Pach and Dömötör Pálvölgyi. Exchange properties of finite set-systems. 
Eric Fusy, Erkan Narmanli and Gilles Schaeffer. On the enumeration of plane bipolar posets and transversal structures. 
Ghurumuruhan Ganesan. Size of local finite field Kakeya sets. 
Ghurumuruhan Ganesan. Approximate MDS Property of Linear Codes. 
Frederik Garbe, Dan Kral and Ander Lamaison. Hypergraphs with minimum positive uniform Turan density. 
Dániel Gerbner, Dániel Nagy, Balázs Patkós, Nika Salia and Máté Vizer. Stability of extremal connected hypergraphs avoiding Berge-paths. 
Daniel Gerbner, Dániel T. Nagy, Balazs Patkos and Mate Vizer. Supersaturation, counting, and randomness inforbidden subposet problems	
Stefan Geschke, Jan Kurkofka, Ruben Melcher and Max Pitz. Halin's end degree conjecture. 
Archontia Giannopoulou and Sebastian Wiederrecht. The Flat Wall Theorem for Bipartite Graphs with Perfect Matchings. 
Irene Gil Fernández, Jaehoon Kim, Younjin Kim and Hong Liu. Nested cycles with no geometric crossing. 
Shoni Gilboa and Dan Hefetz. Semi-random process without replacement. 
António Girão, Bertille Granet, Daniela Kühn, Allan Lo and Deryk Osthus. Path decompositions of tournaments. 
Lior Gishboliner, Matija Bucic and Benny Sudakov. Cycles of Many Lengths in Hamiltonian Graphs. 
Lior Gishboliner, Benny Sudakov and Istvan Tomon. Maximal $k$-wise $\ell$-divisible set families are atomic. 
Stefan Glock, Nemanja Draganić and Michael Krivelevich. Long induced paths in sparse random graphs. 
Maximilian Gorsky, Raphael Steiner and Sebastian Wiederrecht. Strongly Pfaffian Graphs. 
Jan Grebík and Václav Rozhoň. Classification of Local Problems on Paths from the Perspective of Descriptive Combinatorics. 
Oleg Grigoryan, Maksim Zhukovskii and Ilya Bogdanov. Covering three-tori with cubes. 
Andrzej Grzesik, Daniel Kráľ and Samuel Mohr. Strong modeling limits of graphs with bounded tree-width. 
Ervin Győri, Addisu Paulos, Nika Salia, Oscar Zamora and Casey Tompkins. The Maximum Number of Paths of Length Three in a Planar Graph. 
John Haslegrave, Jaehoon Kim and Hong Liu. Extremal density for sparse minors and subdivisions. 
Petr Hlineny and Michal Korbela. On 13-Crossing-Critical Graphs with Arbitrarily Large Degrees. 
Petr Hlineny. A Short Proof of Euler–Poincaré Formula. 
Carlos Hoppen, Hanno Lefmann and Denilson Amaral Nolibos. On the maximum number of weakly-rainbow-free edge-colorings. 
Ping Hu, Bernard Lidicky, Taisa Martins, Sergey Norin and Jan Volec. Large multipartite subgraphs in H-free graphs. 
Jan Hubicka, Jaroslav Nesetril, Pablo Oviedo Timoneda and Oriol Serra. On the homomorphism order of oriented paths and trees. 
Radek Hušek and Robert Šámal. Counting Circuit Double Covers. 
Fabien Jacques and Pascal Ochem. Complexity of $3+1/m$-coloring $P_t$-free graphs. 
Fabien Jacques and Alexandre Pinlou. The chromatic number of signed graphs with bounded maximum average degree. 
Oliver Janzer. The rainbow Turan number of even cycles. 
Bruno Jartoux, Chaya Keller, Shakhar Smorodinsky and Yelena Yuditsky. On Multicolour Ramsey Numbers and Subset-Colouring of Hypergraphs. 
Yiting Jiang and Jaroslav Nešetřil. On asymmetric hypergraphs. 
Nina Kamčev, Anita Liebenau and Natasha Morrison. Uncommon systems of equations. 
Mihyun Kang and Michael Missethan. Cut vertices in random planar graphs. 
Ida Kantor. Lines in the Manhattan plane. 
Balázs Keszegh. Discrete Helly-type theorems for pseudohalfplanes. 
Jinha Kim. The homotopy type of the independence complex of graphs with no induced cycles of length divisible by $3$. 
Alaittin Kırtışoğlu and Lale Özkahya. Coloring of Graphs Avoiding Bicolored Paths of a Fixed Length. 
Matjaž Krnc and Nevena Pivač. Graphs where Search Methods are Indistinguishable. 
Hoang La and Mickael Montassier. $2$-distance $(\Delta+1)$-coloring of sparse graphs using the potential method. 
Abhiruk Lahiri, Soumen Nandi, Taruni S and Sagnik Sen. On chromatic number of (n, m)-graphs. 
Richard Lang and Nicolás Sanhueza Matamala. On sufficient conditions for Hamiltonicity. 
Richard Lang and Nicolás Sanhueza Matamala. Degree conditions for tight Hamilton cycles. 
Allan Lo and Vincent Pfenninger. The Ramsey number for 4-uniform tight cycles. 
Jesse Campion Loth, Kevin Halasz, Tomáš Masařík, Bojan Mohar and Robert Šámal. Random 2-cell embeddings of multistars. 
Edita Macajova and Martin Skoviera. Long shortest cycle covers in cubic graphs. 
Edita Máčajová and Jozef Rajník. Decomposing cubic graphs with cyclic connectivity 5. 
Tomáš Masařík, Marcin Pilipczuk, Paweł Rzążewski and Manuel Sorge. Constant congestion brambles in directed graphs. 
Thierry Monteil and Khaydar Nurligareev. Asymptotics for connected graphs and irreducible tournaments. 
Reza Naserasr and Zhouningxin Wang. Circular coloring of signed bipartite planar graphs. 
Marc Noy, Clément Requilé and Juanjo Rué. The expected number of perfect matchings in cubic planar graphs. 
Deise Oliveira, Simone Dantas and Atílio G. Luiz. Results on the Graceful Game and Range-Relaxed Graceful Game	
Maithilee Patawar and Kalpesh Kapoor. Characterization of FS-double Squares Ending with Two Distinct Squares. 
Matias Pavez Signé, Nicolás Sanhueza Matamala and Maya Stein. Dirac-type conditions for spanning bounded-degree hypertrees. 
Simón Piga and Bjarne Schülke. On extremal problems concerning the traces of sets. 
Aneta Pokorná and David Hartman. Constructions of betweenness-uniform graphs from trees. 
Amit Roy and Jayalal Sarma. On Alternation, VC-dimension and k-fold Union of Sets. 
Manfred Scheucher. A SAT attack on higher dimensional Erd\H{o}s--Szekeres numbers. 
Ingo Schiermeyer and Colton Magnant. Gallai-Ramsey number for complete graphs. 
Oriol Serra and Lluis Vena. On a problem of Füredi and Griggs. 
Dmitry Shabanov and Pavel Zakharov. On the maximum cut in sparse random hypergraphs. 
Marek Sokołowski. Bounds on half graph orders in powers of sparse graphs. 
Benedikt Stufler. Local convergence of random planar graphs. 
Svetlana Topalova and Stela Zhelezova. Parallelisms of PG(3,5) with an automorphism group of order 25. 
Rocco Trombetti and Ferdinando Zullo. Hermitian rank-metric codes. 
James Tuite and Grahame Erskine. New bounds on $k$-geodetic digraphs and mixed graphs. 
Johanna Wiehe and Winfried Hochstättler. A trivariate dichromatic polynomial for digraphs. 
Jialu Zhu and Xuding Zhu. The fractional chromatic number of double cones over graphs.